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Basketball Games

Basketball games have been around for quite some time. In fact, basketball is one of the most popular sports that span across different countries. From basketball games played in street courts to basketball games played in stadiums as a professional sport, this ball game has surely gone a long way. This article will shed some light on how basketball games actually began with a little bit of history on professional basketball games in Australia.

The origin of basketball games

James Naismith invented basketball in 1891. During that time, he had to use a peach basket instead of a hoop and a basket due to limited equipment source. Having to climb up and fetch the ball, however, soon became tiring. For this reason, the bottom of the peach basket was removed so the ball would easily fall or bounce back whenever someone scores in basketball games. It was in 1941 that moulded balls for basketball games were used.

With different types of basketball used, it is best to know which is right for indoor or outdoor basketball games. The surface of the playing ground is crucial in deciding what kind of ball should be used. The ground surface is rough, so the ball to use when playing outdoor basketball games should be a tough one. Ideally, it should be made of very durable rubber. This is because leather balls, when used on outdoor surface, would not last very long. Leather balls, which are more expensive than rubber, are best used for indoor basketball games.

Why basketball games are so popular

Basketball games are popular all over the world, not only as a professional sport but as a sports activity also played in street courts. Basketball games are enjoyed by families as well as groups of friends as a team sport. With a basketball, you can also set up a hoop on your backyard or garage. The popularity of basketball games may also be attributed to the simple rules you have to follow as a basketball player. The main goal here is to score on your court by shooting the ball into the hoop. Of course, certain rules must be observed when playing offense or defense. These rules ensure order in this kind of contact sport. Basketball games also foster cooperation, simply because you have to work with your teammates to win the game. The excitement in basketball games comes from fast ball turnovers.

Australian basketball games

Australia's top-level pro competition is the National Basketball League. This began in the late 70s during a winter season. In the 1998-99 season, however, basketball games were held during summer. Today, there are ten teams who are playing for the National Basketball League, with squads in four major cities: Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.